Election 2019

Voters in Denton did better than the county during early voting, but that’s not saying much given that about 14,485 of the 421,724 registered voters in the county showed up to the polls leading up to Saturday’s local elections.

Polling data show Denton had about a 4% voter turnout during early voting that ended Tuesday, while the turnout across Denton County was about 3%, according to the Denton County Elections Administration.

Cities and school districts from Denton to Frisco head into the weekend looking to settle this latest round of elections.

About 3,532 people have cast ballots so far in the Denton County Council elections. About 79,722 people are registered to vote in those elections.

Percentagewise, Copper Canyon had the best turnout, at about 30 percent. But that community also has about 1,164 registered voters; 350 showed up.

The closest comparison to Denton, according to population and registered voter numbers, would be with Lewisville. There are more than 106,000 people living in Lewisville. About 51,982 are registered to vote, and 663 of them showed up for early voting, ringing in a little more than 1% turnout.

A key focus of this election in Denton has been ethics questions for two council members, Deb Armintor and Paul Meltzer, in the push to establish a polling location at the University of North Texas. Meltzer’s wife and Armintor are both employed by the university. For some residents, UNT’s location largely within District 3 means an implied struggle between presumably liberal-leaning younger voters on campus and presumably right-leaning voters at the Robson Ranch senior community.

Robson did what it does: voted in droves, with 1,207 votes cast at that site. More people voted there in the first two days of early voting than voted at UNT during the whole nine-day voting period combined, according to election data. (There were about 200 more votes cast at Robson than at the Denton Civic Center during the same nine-day period.) The voting location at the Greek Life Center on the UNT campus had only 249 voters cast ballots during early voting.

About 10,530 voters cast their ballots early in school district elections across Denton County, according to elections administration data. The highest turnouts were seen in the Prosper and Argyle school districts.

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