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Above is a sample of the text alert many Denton Municipal Electric customers will get Monday morning announcing a new notification service for outages.

Come Monday morning, many Denton Municipal Electric customers can expect a text alert on their cellphone from the city-owned utility.

It’s not spam, or a scam. DME is offering to send a text to customers when there is a power outage at their home or business.

The alerts are different from CodeRed, another city notification system for emergencies. With CodeRed, residents opt-in a number for phone calls with neighborhood-specific weather warnings or other emergencies that require immediate action based on your current address.

Around 9 a.m. Monday, DME will send the text alert to cellphone numbers associated with customer accounts. The alert means the customer has been automatically enrolled in the program, but the text also gives the customer a choice to opt out of the program by replying “QUIT.”

No DME customer is required to participate in the program.

Customers who don’t have a cellphone linked to their account won’t get the text, said city spokesman Ryan Adams.

“You’ll have to opt in,” Adams said. To do so, DME customers will need to call Utility Dispatch at 940-349-7650 and provide the cellphone number associated with the account.

The new system can also handle multiple notifications. If a customer is managing more than one electric account, they can receive a text notice of a power outage for up to four accounts. In addition, multiple phone numbers can be associated with an address so more than one family member or business owner can be alerted to an outage, if needed.

DME has long had the technology to determine which addresses are affected by an outage. The utility publishes a map online that shows in real time outages by size and neighborhood.

Customers can also follow DME on Twitter (@dmepower) to follow power outage and restoration work.

For more information, reply “DME HELP” when you receive the text or call Utility Dispatch at 940-349-7650.

PEGGY HEINKEL- WOLFE can be reached at 940-566-6881 and via Twitter at @phwolfeDRC.

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