Denton Energy Center

The Denton Energy Center generated about $15 million in electricity over five days in mid-August. 

Two weeks ago, the Texas electricity market did something for a few hours that had not happened for five years — it traded electricity for as high as $9,000 per megawatt-hour.

Electricity from Texas wind farms had dropped. The market conditions encouraged all kinds of electricity generators to get busy. Denton’s new natural gas-fired power plant, the Denton Energy Center, made and sold electricity. The Spencer Generating Plant, Denton’s old natural gas-fired power plant now owned by the city of Garland, got in the game. Bloomberg reported prices around Victoria that suggested a few Gulf Coast plastics and chemical factories with on-site generators cut their own usage in order to sell electricity to the grid.

By the Numbers

This chart outlines Denton’s financial settlement with ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, on behalf of Denton Municipal Electric customers from Aug. 12-16.

Description Monday, Aug. 12 Tuesday, Aug. 13 Wednesday, Aug. 14 Thursday, Aug. 15 Friday, Aug. 16
Peak demand (megawatts) 353 354 313 326 341
City load -$3,394,015 -$8,689,311 -$851,242 -$9,111,438 -$1,032,208
Denton Energy Center gross sales $2,095,517 $5,387,675 $552,938 $6,162,641 $628,148
Total revenue $2,911,706 $8,038,573 $843,062 $9,250,004 $626,509
Net cost -$482,309 -$650,738 -$8,180 $138,566 -$405,699

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