Denton County agriculture

The high heat and lack of rain have devastated Denton County’s wheat, soybean and corn crops, along with hay. Where farmers could typically expect to get three cuttings of hay in a normal year, this year, they are lucky to get one. Hay per round bale is currently well over $100, and in a normal year, it would be $50 to $70.

All of North Texas is currently facing severe to exceptional drought conditions with little relief expected — and the dry, hot conditions are especially taking a toll on agriculture in Denton County.

As of Thursday, Aug. 4, Denton County is under an extreme drought, which is defined by major crop and pasture losses and widespread water shortages or restrictions. The rainfall for Dallas-Fort Worth in 2022 has ranked in the top 10 driest years, and little relief is expected anytime soon.

SOURCE: Texas Water Development Board, U.S. Drought Monitor
Zach Davis

Zach Davis

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