Sanger High School's graduation ceremony has been tentatively postponed until June 6, according to a Friday announcement by Sanger ISD Superin… Read more

While Denton County locals are whiplashed by their workplaces closing or hours being cut due to the response to the novel coronavirus, a local nonprofit food pantry and clinic has stepped up its aid. And should the county need the clinic to test or treat coronavirus patients, the nonprofit is prepared for that possibility, too. Read more

'Just like everybody else, we’re in a place we haven’t been before,' says Erica Pangburn, president of the Denton Chamber of Commerce. 'During these uncertain times, much like the rest of the community, we are having to learn how to keep our balance and pivot where needed.' Read more

In addition to daily distributions of food from schools, Denton ISD will soon make lunch deliveries to 26 additional locations across the district. Read more