Cultural district map

Boundary map of the Denton cultural district 

Denton has joined 42 other Texas cities with a state-designated cultural district and will celebrate with a community reception next month. 

Last week, the Texas Commission on the Arts announced three new districts, including the Original Denton District, the Downtown Beaumont Cultural Arts District, and the Arts! Longview Cultural District.

The Texas Commission on the Arts is the only body able to officially designate cultural districts on behalf of the state.

Denton's cultural district includes downtown, Quakertown Park and Oakwood Cemetery.

City officials made the application for the district in June after getting input from residents, visitors, business owners and the arts and creative community. 

To mark the occasion, the city will host a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, 400 E. Hickory St. 

A map of the district's boundaries can be viewed at More information on the statewide program can be viewed at

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