Shingles in Denton

A large pile of shingles is seen Thursday just south of East University Drive and east of Trinity Road on land owned by CCR Equity Holdings Five LLC. Chris Ganter, a principal with CCR, said his company came to Denton to remove shingles he says were already there.

Part of the business group involved in “Shingle Mountain,” a 55,000-ton heap of roofing waste that a state district judge ordered to be cleaned up from southern Dallas, has started recycling shingles in Denton.

Records with the Texas Environmental of Environmental Quality show that CCR Equity Holdings Five LLC registered a Denton location in April, the same month that CCR Equity Holdings One LLC and its operator, Blue Star Recycling, were in court in Dallas.

Blue Star has since closed, according to the company website.

State officials registered CCR Five where another recycling business, 380 Shingle Recycling, had been registered since 2013. The location, in the 5100 block of East University Drive, is along the banks of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River and the north shore of Lewisville Lake.

Shingle Mountain in Dallas

City of Dallas inspectors survey the mountain of shingles at Blue Star Recycling that rises over the backyard of Marsha Jackson’s home off Interstate 45 in South Dallas in March.

Lewisville Lake is the main water supply for millions of people in Denton, Denton County and the city of Dallas.

Chris Ganter, a principal with CCR, said he could understand the community’s concerns, but his company came to Denton to remove shingles that were already there.

The company moved off 5,000 cubic yards of an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 cubic yards already in place, he said, adding that they had “zero intention” of accepting any new materials at the Denton site or using the Denton site to assist with the court-ordered cleanup in Dallas.

“We are cleaning it up to be developed as an industrial site,” Ganter said.

An adjacent 16-acre parcel with frontage on University Drive is for sale for $2 million, according to a listing with Scott Brown Commercial. The city’s planning department confirmed it is in talks with a company interested in opening a landscape and masonry business on the adjacent parcel, which fronts University Drive.

CCR Five’s TCEQ registration simply notifies state environmental officials that the activity is taking place for inspectors, according to TCEQ spokesman Brian McGovern. McGovern said the agency would need more time to confirm or deny whether the company’s registration came with any kind of limitations or agreements.

Because shingles must be ground up in order to be remade into asphalt pavement, shingle recycling can be noisy, dusty work.

According to court documents in the Dallas “Shingle Mountain” case, a city inspector there found a 20-by-300-foot wall of ground shingles stretching the entire length of the creek on the property. The pile blocked the creek and sent runoff into the water system. The inspector tested the water downstream and found elevated measurements of phosphorous, iron, copper, nitrite and other suspended solids.

The year-old mountain of roofing waste stands so high that motorists can see it from Interstate 45. People living near the heap complain of dust and odors. According to recent reports in The Dallas Morning News, the heap was supposed to be gone by July 9, but little has changed since the April court order.

Stephanie Timpko, a volunteer with Trinity Waters, said the nonprofit group worries about shingle recycling going upstream. Trinity Waters is a landowner cooperative focused on stewardship of the Trinity River Basin.

“Now that we see operations in Denton, it’s even more of a threat to the water than the ‘Shingle Mountain’ in South Dallas,” Timpko said.

McGovern said the company’s registration did not require TCEQ to notify either the city or the county under stormwater protection rules.

In a memo to the Denton City Council this week, the city staff said they have asked state officials for more information.

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