Denton City Council members John Ryan, left, and Keely Briggs listen during a council work session Tuesday at City Hall. Council members were reluctant to make any further changes to polling locations for the local elections in May.

Denton City Council members were reluctant to introduce anymore changes to polling locations after last year’s election jambalaya. Instead, they directed the city staff to keep things as much like last year as possible, while including polling locations on both college campuses.

During a work session Tuesday afternoon, City Secretary Rosa Rios reminded the council that the May election looms. She offered even more options for polling locations on both the north and south sides of town than last year. But council members demurred.

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In the Know

The Denton City Council has ordered more polling locations for city elections for the past two years. The additional convenience hasn’t necessarily led to more voter participation on the day of the election. Here’s how in-person turnout in 2018 and 2019 compared to 2017.

Election day in-person turnout 2017 2018 2019
TOTAL 3,372 2,738 1,961
District 1 342 302 389
District 2 1,743 916 288
District 3 643 709 674
District 4 644 811 610