Denton ISD

Following a July 18 announcement at the IB Global Conference, Denton ISD is expected to save roughly $26,000 each year.

The International Baccalaureate is a global program with a presence at four Denton ISD schools: Borman Elementary, Newton Rayzor Elementary, Calhoun Middle School and Denton High School.

The IB program seeks to prepare students for careers and higher education. More than 1,600 universities across the country have a policy for accepting students from the IB program. Advanced standing, course credit and scholarships are possibilities for those who do well in the program.

During the global conference in New Orleans earlier this month, Director General Siva Kumari announced that the $172 registration fee for the program’s exams would be removed in November 2019.

The one-time registration fee was previously charged for each participating high school student, regardless of how many exams the student would take. It is expected that any registration fees already paid for exams in November will be refunded.

A $119 fee per exam is still in place.

Mike Mattingly, Denton ISD’s assistant superintendent over curriculum and staff development, said that about 150 students were signed up to take at least one exam this past school year. Because the district has previously covered all registration and exam fees for students, Mattingly expects to save roughly $26,000 in following years.

While Denton ISD was able to cover the fees, Mattingly said other districts aren’t always able to. With the international policy change, some hope more students will be able to participate in the program.

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