Brackenridge Hall at Texas Woman’s University, shown Monday, will be an early voting site for the upcoming March 3 primaries. Early voting, which begins Feb. 18, will take place in Room 207 of the former student union.

Denton County Democrats have more polling locations than the Denton County Republican Party for the March 3 primary elections, and the bill just came due.

Denton County commissioners will consider a contract for the county election office to allow Duryea Moving & Storage to deliver and return all polling equipment for the election season. In the request for $60,000, the briefing says an “unforeseen increase” in polling locations meant a price increase from the amount in the county budget.

Democrats have 64 polling locations across the county for March 3 primaries, up from 32 last presidential primaries, according to party officials. Republicans will have 63 polling locations on the primary election day.

“The Republicans haven’t necessarily increased their numbers on election day for the primary, but the Democrats certainly have,” said Brandy Grimes, the deputy elections administrator for Denton County.

Additionally, the county will have 42 early voting locations that open next Tuesday, Feb. 18. In the past for primary elections, the county normally had 25 sites, Grimes said. New locations in Denton include the old student union at Texas Woman’s University, now called Brackenridge Hall, Denton ISD’s C.H. Collins Athletic Complex and South Branch Library.

“We’re hoping opening all of these locations will help relieve pressure from the election-day sites, so that’s why we’re offering so many this time,” she said. “We’re having a lot more early voting than we’ve ever had before.”

The contract on Tuesday morning’s Commissioners Court agenda is standard operating procedure, Grimes said, and if passed will have Duryea begin moving equipment Friday.

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