A DCTA bus on Denton Connect’s Route 3 stops to pick up a passenger in front of O’Reilly Auto Parts on East McKinney Street on Saturday.

Today would have been the day — but it’s not.

With Denton being a college town, the Denton County Transportation Authority typically tweaks — or outright remakes — its bus schedule at the start of the fall and spring terms.

DCTA has held off on making any changes at the start of this term, except for ending zone service between the University of North Texas campus and Denton Enterprise Airport on Feb. 3. But changes are likely in the offing.

“This is the year of transformation for us at DCTA as we look to continue to enhance the way we do business,” DCTA spokeswoman Adrienne Hamilton said in an email. “One area we’re closely reevaluating is our annual service changes process and when we conduct them to better meet the needs of our riders and the many communities we serve.”

Hamilton said that if any changes come this spring, the agency will announce them well in advance so that riders have enough time to plan.

At least three bus routes are ripe for updates since last fall, when the agency made big changes to accommodate the new A-train schedule, which now runs about every 30 minutes.

Bus 3, which runs along East McKinney Street between the Downtown Denton Transit Center and just past Ryan High School, has had on-time performance problems this fall. A new schedule that accommodates increasing congestion along the thoroughfare could better help drivers and riders meet each other at the published time.

In addition, DCTA changed the route for Bus 7 to accommodate road construction, temporarily closing its stops on Bonnie Brae Street this fall. The route connects the UNT campus and west side neighborhoods to the Rayzor Ranch shopping center.

Riders complained about the re-routing and stops, which required some to cross a busy U.S. Highway 380 to get to work at Rayzor Ranch.

The city has since opened a new roundabout at Bonnie Brae and Scripture, although road and new building construction continues along Bonnie Brae.

Like Bus 3, both Bus 7 and Bus 8, which circulates between the downtown transit center and UNT, have had on-time performance problems. Both construction and increasing congestion have slowed their circulation.

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