Riders take the bus and train to their next destination at the Downtown Transit Center.

The Denton County Transportation Authority plans to run the A-train about every 30 minutes on weekdays with the start of the college fall semester, which means changes to the bus schedules begin on Monday, Aug. 26, too.

Those Connect buses that begin and end at the A-train station have the biggest schedule changes. One north-south bus route and one east-west route are running more frequently — about every 20 minutes — during peak commuter times in the morning and late afternoon.

Transit experts have found that people are more inclined to ride public transportation when trains and buses run more frequently.

More than a dozen extra north-south runs come on Bus 5, which starts at the Downtown Denton Transit Center and runs north on Bell Avenue, looping around Locust Street before heading back south. For more east-west frequency, Bus 3 adds eight more runs out East McKinney Street and back.

Buses 2 and 7 are adding a couple of legs each in order to run about every 30 minutes to Medical City Denton and the westside hospitals, respectively. Bus 4, a crosstown bus that doesn’t go to the train station, also added service in order to run every 30 minutes during peak commuter times.

But three other buses are trimming runs, including Bus 1, to southern Denton, and Bus 6 and Bus 8, which cover much of the same territory as Bus 5 and 7.

In addition, both Bus 7 and the Discovery Park bus, a University of North Texas-focused run, have been temporarily rerouted.

Both used to go down Bonnie Brae Street, which is under construction. Bus 7 is temporarily running along the west side of the Rayzor Ranch shopping center. The Discovery Park bus is running down Carroll Boulevard.

But neither is adding stops along the way. DCTA spokeswoman Adrienne Hamilton said the agency is continuing to adjust the routes as needed.

One week ago, Eva Greco, a regular rider, particularly on Bus 7, complained to the Denton City Council that the disruption means seven bus stops are getting bypassed in the Rayzor Ranch area where she works.

“I have to get off behind Waffle House and walk under the freeway underpass to get to my job on [West] University Drive,” Greco said. “Anyone else working there has to do the same thing.”

She doesn’t think it’s safe, particularly with motorists exiting the freeway to that same intersection.

DCTA officials also spoke with Greco about her concerns, Hamilton said, calling it a “positive exchange of ideas and understanding.”

“The agency will continue to work to enhance mobility options in the Denton community,” Hamilton added.

Review the schedule changes at dcta.net/schedulechanges.

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