Attempted kidnapping, public intoxication and robbery were only a few of the charges presented to a 54-year-old woman Saturday night.

A caller told police a woman in the 1200 block of East Hickory Street was yelling and hitting people and vehicles.

Before that, Denton police said, the same woman had allegedly tried to kidnap a 5-year-old girl from her grandmother in the 100 block of South Ruddell Street, threatening both of them during the interaction.

“The suspect told the grandmother that she was going to take the child and tried to pull the child from the grandmother’s grasp while threatening both,” Denton police spokeswoman Khristen Jones said.

During the confrontation, the 54-year-old woman allegedly struck the 60-year-old grandmother on the arm but did not leave visible injuries. When the victim tried to call 911, the 54-year-old woman allegedly took her cellphone and fled down the block to East Hickory, where she was subsequently arrested.

The cellphone was eventually returned without damage, Jones said.

While being questioned, police said the woman gave officers a fake name. Police said they determined she was drunk. In addition to the above charges, she faced charges of giving a false identity and interfering with an emergency request for assistance.

A 38-year-old man was also arrested for outstanding warrants at the same time, according to police reports, but it is not clear what his connection was to the 54-year-old woman.

Other reports

400 block of Maple Street — Eagle Drive construction struck again Saturday night as a driver tried to turn down the obviously closed section of road.

Meanwhile, an officer ran the vehicle’s license plate and found the owner to have several warrants out for his arrest across several counties.

Police eventually pulled over the vehicle in the 400 block of Maple Street. After parking the car, both driver and passenger allegedly exited the vehicle and began walking down Maple Street.

“The officer told them to stop,” Jones said. “The passenger did and returned to the vehicle. The officer told the driver to return to the vehicle multiple times but he continued to flee.”

After a short pursuit on foot, police caught up to the 21-year-old man and placed him under arrest on a charge of evading arrest detention.

The driver was also arrested on outstanding warrants from Robertson, Grayson and Denton counties, as well as three warrants from Flower Mound police. The warrants were for a variety of infractions, including marijuana possession, failure to appear and driving with an invalid license.

1300 block of Dallas Drive — Police were called Saturday afternoon for conflict resolution in an informal iPad custody hearing.

“After speaking with both parties, it was determined that the caller’s ex-fiance was still making payments on the tablet and that he had given it to the caller to use,” Jones said.

Because the owner of the device was moving out, he wanted it back. Police explained that because the man purchased the tablet, he was allowed to take it with him.

“The altercation between the two was only verbal,” Jones said. “No offense occurred,” and no arrests were made.

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