Following a two-vehicle crash in a parking lot, a 55-year-old man was allegedly assaulted to the point of requiring medical treatment late Sunday morning.

According to police reports, the man was left with chipped and loose teeth, as well as an interior cut on his lip, after an assault in the 600 block of East Sherman Drive.

He told police he’d learned he would have to go to a dentist or risk losing his teeth.

“[He] was backing out of a parking spot after shopping at a grocery store when he collided with the suspect vehicle,” said Allison Beckwith, a police spokeswoman.

The driver and witnesses told officers another vehicle, driven by an unidentified suspect, had stopped to drop off a passenger and unexpectedly began driving again, at which point the 55-year-old driver backed into him.

At this point, the hospitalized man’s story split from the witnesses’ story. He contended he’d exited his vehicle to apologize, at which point the suspect approached and punched him in the mouth. The 55-year-old said he didn’t remember anything after he hit the ground.

Witnesses told police the suspect had pulled the driver from his vehicle before punching him with both hands several times. Police are still investigating.

Police reports available Monday did not include detailed descriptions of the suspect or his vehicle.

Other reports

100 block of Avenue A — While patrolling the Fry Street area, witnesses told officers two men were causing a disturbance inside a nearby bar Sunday morning.

Inside the bar, officers learned two men were refusing to leave the bar after it had closed.

One of the men was allegedly harassing a female bartender by saying vulgarities. He also allegedly became violent toward at least one bouncer when asked to leave.

The bar’s general manager told police she wanted both men trespassed. Once officers had walked both men across the street, they noted “both had very slurred speech and sounded thick-tongued,” Beckwith said.

The man who had allegedly harassed and violently confronted bar employees refused to provide identification or comply with standard field sobriety tests. Because of that, as well as his friend’s apparent inability to take care of him, officers arrested the 44-year-old on a charge of public intoxication at about 2:30 a.m.

His drinking buddy was not arrested.

Intersection of Dallas Drive and Teasley Lane — A woman called police just after midnight Sunday to report a driver had tried to run her off the road.

She told officers a vehicle entered her lane, striking her vehicle in the process.

“This caused the caller to hit the median and almost ‘wreck out,’” Beckwith said, using the caller’s language.

Despite honking her horn, the other driver did not stop. Police reports did not mention whether the median was damaged in the process, or how much damage was done to the caller’s vehicle.

She described the suspect’s vehicle as a silver Ford F-150 with tinted windows. Police are still investigating.


From 6 a.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday, the Denton Police Department handled 291 calls for service and made six arrests.

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