Denton County Jail

Outside the Denton County Jail

People trying to reach those incarcerated inside the Denton County Jail were met with disruptions this week as the jail began its switch to a new inmate video visitation provider.

Monday began a nearly three-week transition from Securus to HomeWAV. The county’s website says the move should be completed by Sept. 6. There could still be interruptions until then.

All people wanting to reach someone incarcerated should enroll in HomeWAV. Find more information about how to do that on the county’s website,

By Friday, video calls were working on the new platform, HomeWAV, but some of the extra features were not yet working. One person who earlier this week said she couldn’t schedule video visits with an inmate using the Securus platform was able to get in touch with her loved one on Friday using the HomeWAV.

The Denton County Jail is among thousands that have adopted video-only visits, leaving behind visits in person, through a glass window.

Earlier this year, county commissioners approved an agreement between the jail and HomeWAV. The county had worked with Securus since 2014.

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