Denton County Judge Andy Eads, shown in the Commissioners Courtroom in January.

An emergency meeting of the Denton County Commissioners Court, held Friday afternoon, featured an agenda that included purchases for public health and approval of CARES Act money.

Gathered virtually on Friday, commissioners approved $414,392 for Denton County Public Health to purchase a mobile clinic with money from the CARES Act. The mobile clinic, anticipated to arrive by Sept. 30, can be used during operations for public health such as mobile testing clinics, drive-thru vaccinations and contract tracing for COVID-19.

During the meeting, Judge Andy Eads said the county has made an offer to the 40-plus municipalities of Denton County to help administer $147.7 million in CARES Act funding, which will be allocated to cities up to $55 per capita. Municipalities can submit accrued and anticipated expenses relating to the novel coronavirus, then the county will distribute the money.

In county estimates discussed Friday, Denton could stand to get $7,619,755.

Also, Eads said Denton County officials would provide municipalities with additional resources for impacted businesses.

“The commissioners court is also willing to offer county staff time to help administer the business grant program, so if a city would like for us to do that on their behalf, we will, so there are not 40 different business grants going on,” Eads noted.

Under the agreements, Eads said a coordinated effort with municipalities would include housing and food assistance.

Expenses eligible for CARES Act funding include medical, public health and payroll expenses, including expenses that facilitate compliance and expenses associated with providing economic support relating to coronavirus impacts.

However, neither county nor local governments are able to use CARES funding to fill shortfalls in government expenditures.

Although commissioners did not take up action on the disaster declaration or executive order during Friday’s meeting, commissioners are expected to approve an extension on Tuesday.

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