Calendared promises of fall might finally feel fulfilled in the aftermath of Sunday’s cold front.

Sarah Barnes, meteorologist at the National Weather Service, said predictions show a series of more frequent, similar fronts in the coming weeks.

“We’re definitely hoping it’s kind of the end of the summer,” she said Sunday afternoon.

She said a low pressure system out of Canada was traipsing down through the Midwest and into Texas, bringing with it cooler temperatures.

Dark clouds foreshadowing Sunday’s cold front had first reared their heads by mid-afternoon. According to the NWS, Denton County will probably avoid the spattering of storms parts of North Texas can expect over the coming day.

The NWS issued a thunderstorm warning at 4:29 p.m. Sunday. Included in the warning was much of southwestern Denton county, including Argyle, Ponder, Justin and Dish. Affected areas could face quarter-sized hail and wind speeds of up to 60 mph.

This announcement came on the heels of a realization that DFW International Airport saw the record-breaking temperature of 97 Sunday, the highest ever noted for Oct. 6 of any year.

Besides what rain may fall, Denton County residents can look forward to the nigh unthinkable high temperature on Monday of approximately 74 degrees.

Once the front has fully passed, Barnes said, things should dry out at least until a second such front comes into play Thursday evening, bringing with it another small possibility of rain.

According to NWS predictions, it might it leave behind cooler temperatures and some mild breeziness. Friday night might even present a low of approximately 47 degrees.

Until then, high temperatures aren’t expected to break 90 degrees for the next few days, and low temperatures will bottom out in the low-50s.

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