Construction on The Mark multifamily complex on North Bonnie Brae Street is seen Monday.

Links Construction, contractor for The Mark at Denton construction project at 3500 N. Bonnie Brae St., has requested an exception to the city noise ordinance so that it can begin pouring concrete at 2 a.m. up to two days a week.

The request will be placed on the July 28 City Council agenda. Currently, the noise ordinance restricts the project to the hours of 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If approved, the exception would allow the construction team to conduct continuous concrete pours up to two days per week from approximately 2 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The exception would be applied over a period of nine weeks beginning July 31 and ending Sept. 30.

Deputy Director of Development Services Rachel Wood said noise exceptions are typically requested for special events and are uncommon for construction purposes.

“We really don’t get a lot of requests from construction companies,” Wood said. “This is a little bit out of the norm.”

The project, a 316-unit development that began construction in May, is located in close proximity to the Brentwood Place Townhomes. If the exception were granted, Links says it would implement measures designed to minimize impact to nearby residences, such as limiting truckers’ use of backup alarms and orienting construction lighting away from the homes.

In a written statement, Links cited high summer temperatures and unique site constraints as reasons to pour concrete during early hours.

“We appreciate the measures the City of Denton has put in place to protect its citizens,” Links stated. “Both the developers and Links have and will continue to take into account the well-being of surrounding residents.”

Links has corresponded with Brentwood Place management, distributing flyers to properties within 500 feet of the project and hosting online community input sessions. Nearby residents have mixed opinions on the proposition.

Brentwood resident Dani Montenegro said she hasn’t had issues with the current construction schedule and that she isn’t overly concerned with the proposed changes.

“When we’re at home, we don’t really notice it,” Montenegro said. “I honestly don’t think it will be a problem.” She added that expansion is a necessary part of life in a city like Denton.

“We got here with expansion, too,” she said.

Roger Dunbar, another resident, said he does hear the construction but that it hasn’t been annoying him. He said people need their sleep, so the company would have to be responsible with the new schedule.

“If it gets it done faster, I’d be for it,” Dunbar said. “I just hope they keep it quiet.”

Resident Alice Cordova does have concerns over the request and the project in general. She said she’s had problems recently with construction lights shining through her windows and dealt with noise from different directions.

“As long as I don’t hear it or see it, then I’d be OK,” Cordova said. “And to get it done faster, most definitely.”

City Council is expected to vote on the exception request at its July 28 meeting.


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