Suspecting a man was drunk, Denton police asked him to recite the alphabet. And before he could reach the letter “Z,” police said, the man told officers he was drunk.

Officers were called the 800 block of West University Drive on Tuesday evening. Dispatchers were told of a man lying on the sidewalk with a bottle of liquor, according to a police report. Police arrived and one officer noted in the report the man was “lying on the ground in a drunken stupor.”

The report shows the man admitted to drinking a pint of alcohol already and had with him a bottle of vodka. That, along with the alphabet field sobriety test failure, led police to charge the man with public intoxication.

He was arrested and taken to the Denton City Jail, police said.

Other reports

300 block of South Woodrow Lane A man approached an off-duty sheriff’s deputy Tuesday night and said his boyfriend assaulted him, according to a police report.

Denton police responded and interviewed the victim, noting swelling to the victim’s head and cuts on his legs, the report shows.

Officers did not find the alleged attacker, but police were investigating the case as of Wednesday, a police spokeswoman said.

8400 block of West University Drive A passing emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens activated apparently scared away two suspects who were in the middle of a burglary at a business Tuesday morning, according to a police report.

Police looked at surveillance camera footage and saw the suspects leave the property about the same time as the emergency vehicle sped through the frame. The report did not note anything stolen as of Wednesday but did notice a gate to the property was cut so the suspects could get inside.


From 7 a.m. Tuesday to 7 a.m. Wednesday:

  • The Denton County Sheriff’s Office handled 1,116 service and officer-initiated calls for the agencies it serves.
  • Denton police handled 353 calls and made eight arrests.
  • Denton firefighters responded to 26 medical calls and two vehicle crashes.

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