Witnesses called police late Saturday afternoon to report a naked man was roaming the 2300 block of Colorado.

Officers shortly found the 40-year-old man, who agreed to be taken to a local mental healthcare facility, according to a police report.

Khristen Jones, police spokeswoman, said the man was initially cooperative but became combative when he arrived outside the healthcare facility. She said he assaulted the female officer, scuffling with her until backup officers could arrive.

During the fight, the 40-year-old allegedly grabbed the officer by the uniform and threw her around knocking the officer’s badge and radio from her uniform.

Having sustained minor injuries, the officer was transported to a local hospital and was released later Saturday night, Jones said. A different officer took the 40-year-old to a local hospital to treat minor abrasions sustained during the previous fight.

While at the hospital, a nurse asked the accompanying officer to remove the suspect’s restraints so she could clean him. Despite having previously been calm for some time, the suspect allegedly lunged at the nurse, punching her in the face.

The nurse was treated for her minor injuries in the emergency room in the hospital. Having so far assaulted two people, the 40-year-old was taken immediately to the Denton County Jail, where he could be evaluated in a more secure environment, Jones said.

“They still are attempting to sort through the mental health piece,” Jones said.

He faces charges of assault on a public servant and assault causes bodily injury. According to county jail records, the man has previously been arrested for public intoxication five times in the county in just over one year’s time.


From 6 a.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday, the Denton Police Department handled 370 calls for service and made 13 arrests.

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