After yelling at two men and being insulted in turn, a 22-year-old man allegedly pointed a gun at two pedestrians Saturday night.

He told police that, while driving near the intersection of South Elm and West Sycamore streets, he saw two men pulling on the door handles of a business and yelled at them to stop.

“The two men then yelled something back at the suspect, including an insult about his wife,” said Bryan Cose, police spokesman. “The man retrieved a pistol from his center console and pointed it at the two men walking, who backed away and called the police.”

It is not clear from police reports why the two pedestrians were pulling on the door handles or why the 22-year-old stopped to yell at them. Cose said both victims denied any wrongdoing.

Officers were able to find the suspect at his home by following witness descriptions of his and his truck’s appearance.

He was subsequently arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Other reports

200 block of Tripp Trail — Two men got into an argument over household chores that devolved into a wrestling match.

Their grandmother called police to report the incident Saturday morning.

“When officers responded, they learned that the two men had been arguing over cleaning up the dishes and cleaning the house,” Cose said. “The argument turned into the two ‘wrestling’ in the kitchen until the grandmother separated them.”

The grandsons were 21 and 22 years old, only one of whom lived in the house, Cose said.

Both agreed to leave the house and head their separate ways, and neither was injured.

5300 Mills Road — A 66-year-old man called police on his 16-year-old grandson Saturday morning to report the young man for being disrespectful and using profanity.

A police summary of the event said the grandfather “reported his grandson was cussing at him and being impossible.” It is not clear from reports what precisely was said or how disrespectful the young man had been.

Officers “counseled” the 16-year-old, filed a report and left.


From 6 a.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday, the Denton Police Department handled 147 service and officer-initiated calls and made 10 arrests.

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