Police arrested a 22-year-old man on assault charges Monday after witnesses said he put another man in a chokehold without provocation, according to a police report.

Denton police responded to an assault call around 7:50 p.m. Tuesday in the 2400 block of Interstate 35E. The 18-year-old caller told police another man had just assaulted him and that the caller was trying to get away.

Denton police spokeswoman Allison Beckwith said the man accused of the assault and another man attended the same party, where the second man later left with the assault suspect’s property. In an attempt to get the property back, the suspect’s ex-fiancée contacted a friend of the other man to set up a meeting, according to the report.

When the friend arrived at the ex’s residence, witnesses said the suspect — unprovoked — pushed the man up against a wall and shoved him in the chest, then put him in a chokehold and squeezed. The report shows he also pulled the man to the ground.

The friend lost his breath when he was in a chokehold, according to the report, and police noted that the assault appeared so violent that the man almost lost consciousness and showed signs similar to a strangulation victim.

The man who was attacked told police he tried to get away but that the suspect continued to follow him. The report shows officers believed further violence would occur since the man accused of the assault followed the other man. The suspect was arrested and charged with assault causes bodily injury.

Other reports

Hickory and Crawford streets — A 23-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday evening on assault charges after allegedly pepper-spraying another woman over exchanges on social media, according to a police report.

The report shows the two women have known each other since high school and had “a long-running dispute.” The victim told police the woman accused of the assault showed up at her home and pepper-sprayed her, while the suspect told police the other woman approached her vehicle in a parking lot and that she pepper-sprayed her in self-defense, according to the report.

Police earlier noticed the suspect returning to the other woman’s home before turning around. The suspect was arrested and charged with assault causes bodily injury.

1100 block of West University Drive — A 24-year-old man attempted to flee from police who were trying to confirm a trespass notice for him, according to a police report.

Police were on patrol in the area and saw a man sitting in a parking spot. Beckwith said the staff of this hotel wanted people criminally trespassed from the property if they weren’t clients. Officers spoke with the man, but he appeared to be nervous and about to run, Beckwith said.

The report shows the man refused commands to sit and refused commands to drop his backpack. Police gave him a last warning to sit or be handcuffed. He refused and was handcuffed, according to the report, but he resisted by pushing and turning.

He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, search or transport.

2900 block of Interstate 35E — A man at a mental health facility began yelling obscenities to female staff Monday afternoon when he wasn’t prescribed Xanax, according to a police report.

The report shows he went to the facility and said he wanted to be prescribed Xanax, but after an appointment, employees decided he didn’t need it. That’s when he began to yell obscenities at female staff, which they said were offensive, according to the report.


From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Monday:

  • The Denton Police Department handled 346 service and officer-initiated calls and made 10 arrests.

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