Police thrice lost sight of a fleeing suspect shortly after midnight Saturday.

A caller at Senior Care Denton Post-Acute Care in the 2200 block of Brinker Road reported a suspicious vehicle near the complex.

When officers arrived, a Toyota Corolla allegedly fled the complex with its lights off, said Allison Vetere, a spokeswoman for the police department. Officers then relayed a description of the vehicle to other officers in the area, she said.

Police located the car shortly afterward, at which point the driver was still allegedly speeding with the car’s headlights off. The driver managed to lose pursuing officers once police attempted to pull her over.

“Officers located the vehicle again a short time later, and pursued the vehicle again,” Vetere said. “Again, the suspect was able to evade the detention.”

Persistence paid off, as police eventually found the suspect, a 20-year-old woman, attempting to repair her car in the 3700 block of South Interstate 35E. A tire was missing and a wheel was damaged, Vetere said, but it is not clear what caused the damage.

It is also unclear why the driver allegedly fled police to begin with.

The woman was arrested on two charges of evading arrest or detention in a motor vehicle.

Other reports

1100 block of Kerley Street — A 75-year-old woman told police Saturday morning that her home had become the victim of repeated eggings.

The woman said unknown suspects had egged her home twice in the past few days, resulting in less than $100 in damage from the dried egg residue.

No other damage was reported and no arrests were made.

3400 block of Joyce Lane — Three tires of a Jeep Grand Cherokee were reported slashed Saturday afternoon.

The vehicle’s owner, a 39-year-old man, told police he also believed his gas tank had been tampered with, and that his vehicle wouldn’t run. He estimated the damage at $2,000.

Officers noted dark residue on the gas tank, but have not determined what exactly happened. No arrests were made.

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