A 58-year-old man was arrested Saturday morning after he allegedly fell asleep with his truck stopped in the middle of an intersection and told police he was driving to WinStar World Casino and Resort in Oklahoma, according to a police report.

Police received a reckless driver call at about 2:20 a.m. informing them a truck was swerving around the roadway on Interstate 35, almost running an 18-wheeler off the road, the report states. Police located a truck matching the caller’s description at the intersection of West University Drive and South Carroll Boulevard, which was stopped in the middle of the intersection, with its rear tires past the crosswalk.

Police approached the vehicle and observed that its driver, a man, appeared to be asleep. They knocked on the window and the man woke up. Officers told the man to turn off the vehicle and he instead attempted to roll down the window, the report states, but was unable to do so. Officers opened the door and had the man exit the truck.

When officers instructed the man to walk to a nearby parking lot so they weren’t in the roadway he responded, “Yes sir,” but continued to stand by the truck. Police asked him if there was a reason he wasn’t moving and he gave the same response, and when they asked him what the reason was, he said he had no idea, the report states.

The man initially told police he was headed from Crowley to Granbury, but later said he was driving through Denton to get to WinStar. The man allegedly thought it was 10:30 p.m. when it was actually 2:23 a.m., and admitted to drinking beers before driving, though he gave police differing accounts of how much he had to drink, the report states. Police conducted sobriety tests, observed sufficient clues to indicate intoxication and arrested the man on a charge of driving while intoxicated. The charge was upgraded to driving while intoxicated third or more due to the man having two prior convictions of the charge.

Other reports

2100 block of Oak Tree Drive — Officers found two shell casings Saturday night following a reported shooting with no victims, according to a police report.

Officers spoke to witnesses following the shooting, which occurred at about 9:46 p.m. A witness told police he saw a passenger of a vehicle stick their arm out the window, point a handgun into the air and fire twice. Nobody was injured in the shooting, the report states, and police located two shell casings in the street. An investigation is ongoing.

600 block of Boardwalk Lane — A man went to the Denton Police Department building Saturday night to report three unknown men had shot at his car as he was driving, according to a police report.

Police observed several broken windows on the man’s vehicle and found a broken beer bottle in the back seat, though the report does not specify if they were able to locate any bullets. An investigation is ongoing.


From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Saturday, the Denton Police Department handled 356 service and officer-initiated calls and made six arrests.

From Saturday to Sunday, the Denton County Sheriff’s Office booked 32 people into the Denton County Jail.

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