Rubber Gloves and demonstrators

This image from a YouTube video shows at least a dozen people briefly demonstrating outside Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio on Saturday night in Denton.

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The general manager of Harvest House said he was punched in the face and called an anti-Semitic slur Sunday night, after he asked a group of about four people to leave because one of them had multiple swastika tattoos on display for everybody to see.

Harvest House was one of two Denton bars to be met with what some fear is white supremacist activity over the weekend.

Just blocks away, people at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio recorded video of more than a dozen people demonstrating Saturday night with flags and flares for a short time. Denton police were called to the area at about 9:50 p.m. Saturday, but officers did not find any of the demonstrators, a police spokeswoman said.

About 24 hours later, officers were at Harvest House, where Alex Moon had just been hit in the face by a pint glass. Moon said he’d asked the group of people to leave the bar after he saw one man “proudly” displaying the swastika tattoos.

“They started yelling about this is a free country, and they can do anything they want,” Moon said.

He said two of the people threw beer on him and another used the pint glass to punch him in the side of his face. Moon said someone called him an anti-Semitic slur he hasn’t heard since high school back in East Texas.

Denton police have not said the events at Rubber Gloves and Harvest House are related; they just occurred on the same weekend.

In a video taken outside Rubber Gloves on Saturday, the demonstrators can be heard shouting, “Reclaim America!” — a slogan that appears on the Patriot Front website. And the demonstrators are wearing shirts that resembled the Patriot Front’s official logo.

Cries of “Life, liberty, victory!” are also heard in the video.

Editor’s note — This video contains offensive language.

Those clues gave some in Denton a reason to believe it was the Texas-based Patriot Front demonstrating outside the bar. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls it a white nationalist hate group.

Rubber Gloves was hosting the North Texas Anarchist Book Fair on the day of the demonstration. A tweet from an account that appears to belong to the Patriot Front says the group was in Denton on Saturday to protest the book fair.

An email sent to the Patriot Front on Monday asking for confirmation was not immediately returned.

No one from Rubber Gloves could be reached for comment as of Monday evening.

Denton police spokeswoman Allison Vetere said nobody reported any slurs or any violence at the brief demonstration outside of Rubber Gloves. She said the police department received only one 911 call about the situation Saturday night.

Moon, the general manager at Harvest House, said it seemed obvious to him the group of people was at his bar to in some way make a statement about their personal beliefs.

Moon said Harvest House welcomes all walks of life. But he said the bar does not welcome people who are being overtly offensive or harmful to anybody else. Moon said the man’s swastika tattoos were overtly offensive to people at the bar, and that’s why he asked them to leave, he said.

“We just don’t allow hate in our bar,” Moon said.

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