With summer coming to an end and many children returning to school, there is still time to have some fun with your families. August is the month where people vacation, barbecue grill, swim with friends and much more. However, due to our current global crisis, plans have changed, and what we were able to do before unfortunately isn’t the safest option right now. Good news is I have three interactive and safe activities that families can do at home and still enjoy the remainder of the summer.

One activity that families can do is create an indoor picnic extravaganza. Use a beach towel or blanket to set up in an open area of your house. Another option is, the kiddos could make a fort out of pillows or other items to make it more cozy and kid-friendly. Some food ideas for the picnic could be: make ice-cream sundaes, hamburger sliders, taco bar or sandwiches and fruit. You could also add some fun up-beat music to set the mood. Be sure to take pictures to capture the precious moments with your family. Pictures last a lifetime, and it’s important to cherish them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your at-home picnic.

Another engaging activity families can do this summer is have a water balloon party. With the weather still being pretty hot in Texas, water balloons can definitely help you stay cool. This can be a physical activity that gets the whole family moving. If you don’t have a backyard, you can easily do this at a neighborhood park. Purchase water balloons at your local Dollar Store to save money and simply add water. You could even add beach balls and other water toys depending on the ages of your children. To top off the party, I’d highly suggest popsicles for everyone. This is an easy, affordable and lively game for all ages to enjoy with their loved ones.

One other activity that I would recommend families to try at home is to have a game night. Each family member can choose their favorite games to play as a group. Some popular family games are: Uno, Monopoly, Twister, Go Fish, Checkers and tons more. In addition to playing games, everyone could bring their favorite snack and beverage or perhaps there could be a snack table with a variety of healthy eating choices. Game nights are great ways to spend quality time together, have unlimited conversations and continuous laughs.

Although this summer has been different for all of us, these interactive activities are a safe way to still have a blast with your family. Doing things at home helps us to think outside of the box and be creative. I encourage you to try an at-home picnic, water balloon party or game night with your family and have a fun, yet safe, summer.

JESSICA SMALL is the Better Living for Texans agent with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Denton County. Email her at jessica.small@ag.tamu.edu or call 940-349-2891.

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