Jessica Sanders

As March came to a close, students across Denton County were actively wrapping up their projects and preparing for a new year with their projects in anticipation of participation at the 2020 Denton County Livestock Association Youth Fair & Rodeo.

At this year’s youth fair, students got to show off their skills and talents in the form of jams, cookies, plants, quilts, wood crafting, agriculture mechanics, livestock and public speaking.

The youth fair is a 70-year-old tradition for FFA, 4-H and FCCLA members. The participants range from elementary students to seniors in high school. The youth fair is a chance for these students to show off their hard work and dedication.

The purpose of the youth fair is to provide an opportunity for FFA, FCCLA and 4-H members to exhibit their projects in a friendly, fair competition and to educate the public about agriculture and related areas. It also promotes breeding, improvement and sale of purebred and commercial livestock. The fair gives youth the opportunity to learn responsibility and obtain information from others as well.

The awards given to participants not only help with future projects but also with the success of their future in the form of scholarships and prize money. It takes months of dedication and hard work to win the prestigious “Grand Champion” titles, and the excitement at these events is unmatched.

The youth fair was March 24-30 at the North Texas Fairgrounds in Denton. 4-H members from across Denton County certainly showed up and were well represented. Here are the results from this year’s youth fair:

Livestock Skillathon

Campbell Real, Junior champion; Zachary Griffeth, Intermediate champion; Abbey Lawrence, second place, Junior; Bryce Borchardt, second place, Intermediate; and Channing Pieniazek, second place, Senior.

Horse Show

Abbey Lawrence, first place, Overall Junior Speed.

Blue Ribbon Scholarships

Christian Dieterich and Molly Holloway.

Market Rabbits

Joshua Hayes, sixth place, Premium Sale and Intermediate Showmanship.

Breeding Rabbits

Joshua Hayes, Polish Best of Show Varieties & Intermediate Showmanship; and Madelyn Holland, Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex Florida White

Breeding Goats

K.C. St. John, second place, Doe.

Public Speaking

Allie Holt, first place, Junior; Emma Bassinger, second place, Junior; Stockton James, first place, Intermediate; Lila Griffith, second place, Intermediate; Kayce Lopez, sixth place, Senior; and Anelise Wilson, fourth place, Senior.

Breeding Heifers

Taylor Grubbs, grand champion Overall; and Kayce Lopez, champion, Hereford.

Market Steers

Taylor Grubbs, Prospect Steers-Reserve British and Market Steer, fourth place Premium Sale.

Market Swine

Michael Kenley, sixth place, Hampshire Premium Sale; Addison Kenley, fifth place, Hampshire; Rian Timmermans, fifth place, Cross Premium Sale; and Paige Clausen, fifth place, Cross Premium Sale.

Market Goats

Evan Sylvester, first place, Class 2, fourth place, Class 11, Premium Sale; Addison Kates, third place, Class 7, Premium Sale; Grant Reesor, ninth place, Class 7; Augusta Reding, grand champion Overall, Class 13, second place, Reserve Middle Weight, Premium Sale; Ben Knight, fifth place, Class 8, Premium Sale; and Eli Dollins, fourth place, Class 3, Premium Sale.


Cole Myers, breeding champion, Dorper Premium Sale; Ben Knight, fourth place, Dorper; Mason Pape, reserve champion Overall, Premium Sale; Kohl Patton, second place, Medium Wool, Class 3, Premium Sale; and Eli Dollins, sixth place, Medium Wool, Class 7.

Home Economics-Food

Kyla Reid, grand champion, Premium Sale; and Erik Dieterich, reserve champion, Premium Sale.


K.C. St. John, grand champion, Senior Silent Auction; Tucker Worley, grand champion, Junior; and Rachael Tally, reserve grand champion, Junior.

Livestock Judging

First place, Junior Team; Grace Real, first place, Individual; Stockton James, second place, Individual; Bryce Borchardt, fourth place, Individual; Zach Griffeth, fifth place, Individual; first place, Senior Team; Annie Braack, second place, Individual; and Mason Pape, fourth place, Individual.

JESSICA SANDERS is the 4-H and Youth Development county extension agent with Texas AgriLife Extension. She can be reached at 940-349-2884 or via email at jessica.sanders@ag.tamu.edu.

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