Brown 50th Anniversary


On May 29, 2015, Don and Dot Brown of Denton celebrated their Golden Anniversary. Married in 1965 in South Orange, NJ, Don and Dot relocated to Denton in 1988 with JCPenney Corporation. Don finished out his career in PC management with JCPenney, while Dot became active in local organizations. Dot continues to serve as a member of St. Mark’s Catholic Church Parish.

Don and Dot met as members of the Short Hills Ski Club in Short Hills, NJ, and have continued their love of adventure, with Don only recently retiring from downhill skiing at age 77. They enjoy international travel as well as frequent trips across the country to visit their grandchildren and other family in the East.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are the proud parents of four adult children – all educators. They are also extremely proud of their 17 grandchildren living in the Metroplex and in Cincinnati.When they’re not babysitting,Don and Dotlike to take advantage of all North Dallas has to offer, including the Emeritus College Series at UNT as well as many experiences in the arts around Denton and DFW. Their family recently reunited together for a Brown Family Fun Day in their backyard. The couple feels blessed by the time they’ve had together and the way the Lord has guided and protected their family.

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