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Are women the future of farming? The Female Farmer Project thinks so

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Are women the future of farming? The Female Farmer Project thinks so

From speaking with many women growers, Audra Mulkern noticed something interesting about how they feel about the term “female farmer.” 

“Some women felt very strongly that they are the farmers — and they had no problem claiming ‘farmer,’” says Mulkern, a Washington-based documentary photographer, podcaster and researcher who founded the Female Farmer Project, a multi-platform documentary project that chronicles the rise of women working in agriculture around the world. While others resist the title “farmer” and downplay their work, others resent the gender modifier at all. Mulkern understands.

Audra Mulkern

Audra Mulkern is a 2019 James Beard nominee, writer, photographer and international speaker. Photo by Julin Lee.

Female Farmer - Ellen

Ellen Rosmann of Rosmann Family Farms in Iowa.

Female Farmer - Suzanne

Suzanne Nelson of Haw River Ranch in North Carolina.

Female Farmer - Ruth

Ruth Babcock of Tieton Farm & Creamery in Washington.

Female Farmer - Michelle

Michelle Erickson-Jones of Erickson Farm in Montana.

Female Farmer Project podcast

The Female Farmer Project podcast aims to serve as a platform for women to discuss agricultural issues, and give power to the traditional, cultural and experience-driven knowledge.

Female Farmer - Karen

Urban farmer Karen Young-Washington of New York.

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