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Well, isn’t this intriguing? Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios asked a question on its Facebook account last week: “TVs at (Rubber Gloves): Yes? Or no? Why or why not?” The response was swift and overwhelmingly with Team No TVs. Denton residents and longtime Rubber Gloves patrons have memories of the local venue being all about music. And the one time we saw a bunch of television screens at the club, they were part of a visual presentation by one of the bands.

Denton is home to two Good Samaritan Society communities — the Lake Forest Village location and the Denton Village. It won’t make it onto the Denton marquees, but they have a new co-owner. The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and Sanford Health have officially combined, making Sanford Health a new co-owner of Good Samaritan Society retirement communities. The combined organizations employ nearly 50,000 people, with health services offered in clinics and hospitals, health insurance and senior care services, in 26 states.

If you bought a lottery ticket in Denton between Dec. 23 and 29, you were in good company. The Texas Lottery made more than $100 million in scratch ticket sales for the first time in that week. Scratch ticket sales totaled $100,776,586, breaking the old record of $99,679,358, which Texans reached last March. Are we wrong to imagine that lots of Texans reached into their Christmas stocking and pulled out a scratch-off ticket?

Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship meant business on Sunday when members and visitors said an emphatic farewell to 2018 with a burning bowl service. Adults wrote down their failures and regrets on a piece of paper, then burned them. (Children wrote their problems and regrets on paper that was cast in water to dissolve.) There’s something satisfying about the thought of torching last year’s failures and regrets.

Sanger High School senior Jarrett Rasure was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in February. Rasure, a tuba player, was selected to perform as part of the Honors Band Performance Series. He submitted an audition recording and was accepted by a panel.

He’ll play with students from across the United States, Canada, the Isle of Man, Mexico and Taiwan.

Grande Communications ended 2018 with donations to Denton County agencies: Denton County MHMR Services received $2,000 for the Holiday Helping Hands Program; Little Elm Secret Santa received $1,900 to give children and their families Christmas gifts; Frisco Fastpacs received $1,100 to provide meals for 750 at-risk children of Frisco ISD; Girl Scouts of North East Texas received $1,000 for science, technology, engineering and math programming for girls; New Hope Learning Center received $1,000 for low-cost, licensed child care for children of low-income families and Bryan’s House received $1,100 for its early childhood education program and therapy services.

Serve Denton selected Cathy Kerley as its new development director. She was a part of the original committee to explore the concept of Serve Denton, and served on the 2018 board of directors. She has done fundraising for other nonprofits and spent more than a decade in higher education, at University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University.

NBC-Channel 5 recently featured First Christian Church of Denton, focusing on a new program at the church and a survey the Disciples of Christ congregation started. The historic church once had about 500 members. These days, about 70 people attend Sunday services.

The congregation recently started Envision, a ministry that invites spiritual seekers to gather for discussion and community. The church also posted an online survey, an unusual one that simply asks people what their relationship to the church and God is.

Church leaders said they think the survey will help them understand why people have stopped coming to church.

Parting shot

“My New Year resolution is to stay the hell away from SXSW in 2019.”

— Eddie Kautsch, Denton resident and staffer for multiple music festivals, about the enormous and oft-unwieldy movie and music festival in Austin

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