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Alan Palomo, a musician who spent some time in Denton, performs in the electronic band he started here called Neon Indian. The band has stayed busy, and Palomo just released his first song in his native Spanish — “Toyota Man.” It’s a bouncy, upbeat tune, and the video (which Palomo directed) includes a person dressed as a Donald Trump piñata while running from a bevy of children wielding piñata bats. The action is happening at a birthday party just over the Mexican border, and the Donald Trump piñata fights back. Check out the video: (Beware a few Spanish curse words.)

A while back, Denton resident and musician Scott Porter dared his friends to slap a local band sticker on the police robot that patrols the parking garage at the First State Bank Exchange at NCTC Denton. Rumor has it (we’re reluctant to go stalk the robot for verification) that North Central Texas College already put some kind of sticker on it. But is it a band sticker?

Denton might be split between sitters and sprinters. Denton Parks and Recreation officials have been getting community feedback in what feels like forever (35 public meetings and counting) to update the parks master plan. In addition, a randomized communitywide survey with more than 2,000 responses (that’s pretty good sampling, y’all) gleaned interesting information about what people want to see more of.

First, those who will go anywhere and sit: more than half the respondents welcome more outdoor concerts and movies. That’s so very Denton.

But the next most-wanted programs were for sprinters: kayaking, rock climbing and archery. Hey, some of us want to watch people jetting down the rapids in a kayak and others prefer a near-death experience in a kayak that’s flipped over.

Former Denton resident Naz Fulton — who now lives and works as a citizen of Canada — gave us a chuckle when she griped on social media about the Facebook photo-decade challenge. You know the one — you’re supposed to post a photo from 2009 and this year. She passed on this team sport and just said, “You don’t need photos to know that between 2009 and 2019, I’ve become less hot and way more cynical.” We feel that, Naz. We feel that.

Texas is home to a lot of hunters. Two of them got into hot water recently on the campus of University of Houston-Clear Lake after they shot a buck — with a crossbow — and then started field-dressing it. The father and son were in a wooded part of the campus, where police found a pop-up blind, corn and drug paraphernalia. The police held the men while game wardens from the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife arrived to work the scene. The investigation found that the father had a previous charge for poaching a 12-foot alligator at a nearby county park.

There’s a reminder here for Denton County hunters: Have the proper licensing and hunt in legally designated areas. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t lose arrows on a college campus.

We’ve seen him in his holiday postcard, with his wife and gaggle of poodles. We’ve seen him in his over-the-top king costume at the Cowboys’ stadium. Now, we get to see him in a dramatic dress and a giant bonnet. Denton residents don’t get much higher profile than Frenchy Rheault. The owner of Denton’s best-known tree and landscaping service is adding something to his resume (after business owner, telegenic Dallas Cowboys fan and busy volunteer): Frenchy is going to be Mother Ginger for the Lake Cities Ballet staging of The Nutcracker. For this role, he’ll put on a giant skirt where a cool dozen (or so) baby buffoons will crouch until their cue to dash out for their time in the spotlight. For tickets, visit

Earlier this month, Keep Lewisville Beautiful collected 4 tons of illegal dumping and litter discarded along creeks, streams, the Lewisville Lake shoreline and the Trinity River. The nonprofit partnered with Lewisville, HOYA Vision Care, Waste Management, Republic Services, CoServ, Keep Texas Beautiful, HEB Central Market, DATCU, Blue Bell and Keep America Beautiful. A total of 475 volunteers helped with the collection and planted 20 trees in observation of Arbor Day.

Southern Methodist University is hosting the first Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium. The symposium closed registration after it filled. The event is organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations DFW. Interest in the symposium was so high that the North Texas affiliate has planned another youth leadership symposium in the spring.

Parting shot

“To me, the biggest difference between men and women is that when a woman asks you to smell something, it usually smells nice.”

— Les C. Deal, Denton resident and theater technician who seems pretty sick of men asking him to smell foul things

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