During last week’s tornado, lots of Denton residents posted their whereabouts on social media. Most people reported that they were holed up in bathrooms or closets with pillows and pets. At Denton Ballet Academy, dancers hunkered down in the costume closet, as did theater students at the Black Box Theatre in downtown Denton. Kudos to Denton ballet and theater teachers for hustling kids to safety and a shout-out to cool-headed parents and adult guardians who helped out.

Denton is home to at least one Flat Earth evangelist. He frequently parks his car — plastered with flat Earth proclamations — near downtown or on the Square. And he’s decorated his Denton house with pro-Flat Earth information. Well, Denton resident Ben Huttash saw a “Round Earther” driving through town in a car wearing shoe-polish messages about the Earth’s roundness. Huttash shared an image of the vehicle in a Facebook group, where another member said the driver delivers pizza.

It’s getting warmer, which means steeper utility bills are headed to Denton inboxes. The city has recently unveiled “Pay As You Go,” a prepaid utility option. While a prepaid option won’t make those summer utility bills cheaper, it can let you pay more than once a month — which can take the sting out of needing to hand over $300 or more each month from July to October.

Kudos to Flower Mound resident Jason Joos, who saw a missing letter on the Campus Theatre marquee. The grand old sign meant to say My Fair Lady, which Music Theatre of Denton opened last weekend. The marquee was missing the letter “I” in “Fair,” spelling out My Far Lady instead. Joos wisecracked “remember to bring binoculars.” Joos has appeared on the Denton stage and has served on the board of the theater company.

So we’re pouting a little, here. We published an explanation of the origin of the name of the Denton neighborhood we all call Idiot’s Hill in this very spot last week. But on social media, we saw a lot of Denton folks sharing the explanation published by The Dallas Morning News’ feature Curious Texas. Our former colleagues in Dallas even linked the blog post by local librarian Chuck Voellenger we reported last week.

Denton resident Pat Cheek noticed that her newly resurfaced street was already damaged on Tuesday. The street had holes where Cheek had set out her recycling cart. Crews resurfaced her street about a week ago.

Denton resident and classical vocalist Heidi Klein was at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, where she and her husband, music composition professor Joe Klein, were headed to Eastern Europe. Klein saw Radiohead’s Thom Yorke at the airport. Klein said she almost died “of fangirl shock.” We can relate. We listened to Yorke’s duet with Icelandic pixie-wailer Bjork, “I’ve Seen It All,” on Wednesday.

If you’ve read Dave Lieber’s “Watchdog” column in our newspaper or in The Dallas Morning News, you’ve seen that his play, Amon! The Ultimate Texan, is running at the Artisan Center Theater in Hurst. The play celebrates the life of Amon Carter, the civic booster and benefactor who left his mark on Fort Worth. Tickets have sold so briskly that the company has added performances on May 20-21.

Walmart will expand some of its North Texas stores to include Essentials PetCare veterinary clinics between now and June. The closest Walmart locations to Denton to get clinics will be in Crossroads and Frisco. The clinics provide routine vaccinations and treatment for a variety of minor illnesses (ear infections, common skin conditions, and urinary issues). More serious ailments and surgeries will get a referral to full-service veterinary hospitals in the surrounding community.

Guyer High School wracked up nominations at the Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Theatre Awards. The local school’s production of Sister Act is nominated for best featured performer (Ashlynn Stewart); best ccenic design; best choreography; best musical direction; best direction; best supporting actress (Grace Duncan) and best leading actress (Haley Dortch). The awards happen Thursday night. Guyer’s production of The Addams Family earned a nomination for best ensemble/chorus.

Parting Shot

“Do people normally mosh at Brave Combo shows? I’m kinda scared.”

— Panicked Arts & Jazz Fest email from Record-Chronicle photographer Jake King

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