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Victory made University of North Texas Mean Green fans hungry when the Eagles trounced Southern Methodist University last Saturday. In fact, fans were so celebratory — but depleted from cheering — that Crooked Crust, a Fry Street pizza joint, ran out of pizza after the game. A steady line of customers ordered pies from 6 p.m. Saturday to 2:30 a.m. Sunday. The restaurant re-opened on Tuesday.


The Crooked Crust, a Fry Street pizzeria, ran out of pies after the big game between UNT and SMU last Sunday.

SMU fans weren’t so voracious. Denton resident Jack Highfill told us there was a sign on the visitor’s side that read: “Perkins Chapel on the SMU Campus will be open all evening for prayer.”

Now that we’ve preened a little over the Mean Green victory, we now turn to the gleeful shaming of Kroger, which was closed Tuesday so exterminators could eradicate rats from the store. Denton residents had a ball making light of the situation at what locals refer to as “Murder Kroger” after a homicide near the University Drive location and some people registered their squeamishness. But kudos to former City Council Member Kevin Roden, who shared an old cartoon skewering him as Kevin “Rodent.” In the cartoon, Roden smirks from beneath a pair of heavy brows. Wearing a rat’s body, the cartoon version of Roden chows down on a hunk of cheese, using a beer can for a table and a bottle of sriracha sauce at the ready. “I guess word got out?” Roden posted with the image on Facebook. A parade of memes spoofed the closure on Twitter and Facebook.


Denton residents made light of the closure of Kroger on University Drive with memes on Tuesday. Former city council member Kevin Roden even revived an unflattering cartoon aimed at his Roden for Denton campaign, but calling him “Rodent for Denton.”

Denton resident and software engineer Jesse Hamner was surprised to see a reference to research he did with his researcher Paul Collins at the senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday. Hamner said he and Collins updated two articles they’d written with researcher Pam Corley about 5-4 Supreme Court decisions as they related to Kavanaugh’s decisions. Anchor Brian Williams mentioned the research in an interview with a pundit on MSNBC.

Former Denton resident and UNT film graduate Garrett Graham announced that his documentary about the anti-fracking movement in Denton, Don’t Frack With Denton, is an official selection in the International Green Film Festival The documentary will screen at the festival on Oct. 20 in Krakow, Poland.

SPAN just announced that the nonprofit has hired a new executive director. Michelle McMahon succeeds Deborah Robertson, who held the post for seven years. McMahon has more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit management. She has a master’s degree in psychology with a minor in organizational psychology. She has supervised services for children and adults with mental illness, physical disabilities, and intellectual disabilities in a number of different settings, such as integrated daycare, supported employment, supportive living, and adult training centers. SPAN gives nutrition, transportation and social services to older Denton County residents, people with disabilities, veterans, and the general public.

Labyrinth Around America will be at the Denton Community Market for one day only from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 15 at the Denton County Historical Park, 317 W. Mulberry St. The project brings a single portable labyrinth around the states that mark the boundaries of the United States. The labyrinth is free and accessible to people with disabilities.

If you were out and about on the downtown Denton Square on Sunday night, you might have seen a message projected onto the side of the Wells Fargo Building. The message asked if it is “fact or fiction” that each person is responsible for up to 300 animals dying so the person can eat meat. “Go vegan,” the message urged onlookers. Multimedia journalist Julian Esparza, a UNT Mayborn journalism school student, captured video of the projection.


An activist projected a pro-vegan message onto the side of the downtown Denton Wells Fargo building last Sunday.

Denton Dammit is an old-fashioned gossip column about people, places and things in and around Denton. Send your submissions to Lucinda Breeding at

Denton Dammit is an old-fashioned gossip column about people, places and things in and around Denton. Send your submissions to Lucinda Breeding at

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