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Denton, it’s Rock Lottery time. Rock Lottery got its start in Denton before it was exported to other creative communities. It follows a formula: Organizers put the names of 25 musicians into a hat. Then they pull five names at a time out of the hat to form five bands. For the day, the musicians write a few songs, rehearse and then perform about three of them on stage that night at Dan’s Silverleaf.

Whose names will go into the ceremonial hat for Rock Lottery 17? Here they are: Josh Banks (The Noids); Jordan Batson (Skagg Philips & A.M. Ramblers); Rikki Blu; Michael Briggs (Cereboso); Harley DeVille; Andy Don Emmons (Inferno Texino); Jarrod Estes (Felt & Fur); Ritchy Flo (XeGeSiS); Jess Garland; Tim Harman (The Atom Age); Meggie Hilkert (Eat Avery’s Bones); Gerald Holt (Fun Button); Miranda Kennedy; Nicole Marxen-Meyers (Midnight Opera); Anthony Olgin (Trap Lord); Eric Park (Wrought of Obsidian) Kaila Parrish; Payton Taylor (Sweet Chaos); Ben Scott (Strays & Terminator 2); Micah Vargas (Hey Cowboy!); Ava W (Starfruit); Matt Williams (Johnny’s Big Red Rocket); Matthew Gibbons (Joe Gorgeous); Nan Kirkpatrick (Little Beards) and Stevie Hayden (Virxe).

Rock Lottery 17 will be 10 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Saturday at Dan’s Silverleaf, 103 Industrial St. Admission is $20 for the name drawing and breakfast as well as the performance. Admission to the show only is $15. For tickets, visit

Denton resident Mark Zimmerman shared a photo of an interior wall at Arkansas barbecue joint Hog Wild on Tuesday. Another Denton resident had been there with their family earlier this year. They simply signed “The Morgan Family, Denton, Tx.” We wonder which menu item they’d recommend to travelers.

Beloved local music venue Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios stirred interest twice this week on social media. On Oct. 6, the venue posted a review by Groupon. The editors of the online coupon site referred to Rubber Gloves as a restaurant serving comfort food and that a typical visit will cost you $30. Not sure where the editors thought they were. But the real excitement came last Saturday, when the venue posted on its Facebook page that it is accepting demos. The music spot is said to reopen as a music venue, but the new ownership has yet to announce a target date.

Brazilian guitarist Sam Sant’Anna recorded a cover of “Faded Memory” by Denton’s own Jessie Frye (featuring Timecop1983). Frye’s star has been on the rise. She makes smart, memorable pop that blends her signature, sexy clever style. Sant’Anna’s cover blurs the edges of Frye’s song, but leaves its candy-coated, 1980s-tinged melody intact. See it here. Check out the original here.

He’s never mentioned wishing his last name was Smith, but Denton resident and teacher Stu Hollowell is used to his students at Lewisville High School messing up his last name. The cheeky devils have called him some interesting variations so far this year: Mr. Holywall; Mr. Halloween; Mr. Holla; Mr. Hologram; Mr. Hallpass; Mr. Hotsauce and some others. Hollowell is also a comedian, so he’s conditioned to take laughs at his own expense.

Speaking of teachers, local elementary school music teacher Randy Schmidt was invited to review The Road to Oz: The Evolution, Creation, and Legacy of a Motion Picture Masterpiece by Jay Scarfone and Bill Stillman. Schmidt has written three nonfiction books about music icons Karen Carpenter, Judy Garland and Dolly Parton — a book about The Wizard of Oz is in his wheelhouse. Schmidt gave the book his highest recommendation, and the title is now among the top new books in the performing arts catalog on Amazon.

Parting shot

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”

— Sir Isaac Newton

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