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The City of Denton got a lot of questions after it sent out a message to residents about recycling. The mailer said that residents could recycle clean, glass containers stamped with numbers 1 through 7. There’s just one problem with that — a lot of consumer glass containers aren’t numbered. City Council member Deborah Armintor came to the rescue in a social media post.

“This is a very regrettable misprint,” Armintor said. “I was surprised to see it. There is usually more careful proofreading on mailers of such procedural significance. Glass is not numbered in the same way that plastics are numbered, and all clean glass is recyclable.” Armintor said the error has been corrected on the city website and that new mailers will be sent out soon.

Flatten boxboard and cardboard, look for the recycling number 1-7 stamped on plastics before you put them in your bin and rinse out cartons and bottles before you recycle.

It takes a lot to dent a veteran teacher’s ego. But Denton art teacher Denise Clyne told her friends that she wished her elementary school art students found her as interesting as a roach that crept into the corner of her classroom last week.

All we can say is Clyne should just wait until a rogue golden retriever bolts into the school.

We remember when that happened in our day, and some of us had to stand in the corner for not containing our joy when a happy lab mix gave us a sloppy kiss outside the library in third grade.

Some of us still squeal when we see a goofy mutt free-ranging it across a Denton neighborhood.

SCRAP Denton got the week started with a revamped floor at the nonprofit’s store. Volunteers tidied up and put out fresh donations.

If you have a need in your craft room, art studio or office, stop by SCRAP Denton before you hit the big-box stores — the local creative reuse shop often has fresh, crisp supplies for quilters, crafters and scrapbookers.

Have you heard of the Maker Shoppe? A Denton creative mind has an Etsy shop that seems to mostly sell 3D-printed items, like an adorable cookie cutter that’s a jaunty Pembroke Welsh corgi, looking back at you over a fluffy butt with a heart just beneath its nub of a tail. You can get 3D-printed bath bomb molds, too.

G. Brint Ryan, who is the chairman of the University of North Texas System Board of Regents, tweeted last Saturday that the regents had finished the university’s latest brand study. “I’m thinking we should rename the University ‘Mean Green University.’ What do you think?” Ryan got a range of response, but we couldn’t help remembering an earlier effort to sort of bury the “mean green” and replace it with the mascot — the Eagles. (At least the new brand won’t be “North of Ordinary,” the cringe-inducing, failed burn on Dallas and Fort Worth city officials tried to make a thing, though.)

The United Methodist Church doubled down on the current language in its Book of Order and Discipline, which doesn’t ordain LGBTQ Methodists or allow United Methodist clergy to officiate same-sex weddings. At a contentious, special called General Conference last week, the denomination voted on the Traditional Plan, which holds clergy to the order and discipline and withholds full benefits of membership (for those who consider ordination a benefit of the church) to LGBTQ congregants. North Texas congregations — including those in Denton County — shared a letter from Bishop Michael McKee, the head of the region’s churches, last Sunday during worship. The bishop wrote:

“The days in St. Louis were painful in many ways, particularly for members of the LGBTQ community and their allies. To the LGBTQ persons in our churches and communities, I want to say that no legislation will change my conviction that you are beloved children of God and that you can count on the churches of North Texas to continue to be welcoming and safe spaces for you.”

The Traditional Plan now goes before the denomination’s judicial committee.

The parking garage behind the East Hickory Street campus of North Central Texas College looks like it’s almost finished. The structure appears to have ground-level parking as well as a second and third deck. On one hand, it looks like a lot of parking. On the other hand, it doesn’t look big enough for the staff, faculty and students who will probably be downtown for classes. The campus building — our old digs — is also moving along.

Parting Shot

“I will literally withdraw from UNT if this happens.”

— @lindsaywilson96, to UNT Regent Brint Ryan when he asked what UNT Twitter thought of rebranding itself ‘Mean Green University’

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