A man with a triumphant stroll waltzed into Armadillo Ale Works on Monday night and walked out with one of the bar’s tip jars. Cameras mounted at the business showed him getting in a gray Kia Soul with the jar. Not cool, man. Not cool. Local bartenders work hard for their tips.

That low rumbling you hear is Denton residents growling at their energy bills from Denton Municipal Electric. Buckle up, folks, this week will strain air conditioners all over the city.

A caller recently gave us a tip about something that truly marks the end of an era. The Holiday Lodge, a long-running Denton motel location on E. University Drive, removed its iconic, mid-century sign after a motorist reportedly hit it. Crews started installing the new sign, which doesn’t look like the old one at all. Rest in peace, old sign.

Speaking of signs, have you noticed crews erecting a brand new sign arching over the Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery? It looks really good. Well done, Oddfellows.

There’s a buzz going around town that Krampus — the hairy, half-goat, horned Christmas demon of Central European folklore — might return to Denton this year.

Hundreds of locals crowded into Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at the end of June to say goodbye to Rev. Pamela Wat, the fellowship’s first-ever full-time minister. In the most recent newsletter, another local minister chimed in to give Wat credit for her work outside of her congregation of religious liberals. The Rev. Craig Hunter, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, wrote a letter praising Wat for her many efforts to build bridges between congregations — something Hunter said is a challenge in a Denton, which doesn’t have a broad ministerial alliance. He also credited Wat for her part in starting the Interfaith National Day of Prayer Service.

Serve Denton recently appointed Michelle Barber as the nonprofit’s board chairwoman. Barber is vice president of marketing at Guaranty Bank & Trust. Barber has been on the Serve Denton board for five years. Tim Crouch is the outgoing board chairman.

Please indulge us here for a minute. The Associated Press Stylebook — also known as the copy editor’s bible — has chosen the word “emoji” as the Tip of the Month. The good folks over at the AP wanted us to remember that the proper spelling is “emoji” for singular and plural references. (Why spell it out if there’s an emoji?) All right. Now you can start writing that huffy e-mail asking what the word “emoji” or the AP Stylebook has to do with Denton.

Are you a fan of Willie Nelson? Well, you might want to book a trip to Colorado, because Nelson announced Willie’s Remedy, a brand of hemp-derived cannabis products. The new brand joins Willie’s Reserve as the latest offering from company GCH, Inc. And look how considerate Willie is, making something for non-smokers: The Willie’s Remedy product line debuts with a CBD-infused coffee, set to launch in Colorado in September. “The whole bean, small batch brew is infused with CBD oil derived from American-sourced and organically grown hemp,” a press release said. Every 8-ounce cup of coffee includes 5 mg of CBD. (Inquiring minds want to know if this will counteract the bracing effects of caffeine. Or would you feel alert but calm, too? Someone report back.)

Now that we’ve mentioned coffee beans infused with cannabis, it’s probably the right time to mention some community programs the Denton County Sheriff’s Department has planned this summer — all of them good causes. On July 26, the department will have employees serving dishes at Texas Roadhouse for the Tip-a-Cop event. Dine at the local chain restaurant between 5 to 9 p.m., and all tips to the guest servers will benefit the Special Olympics. The very next day, the department will host a bone marrow drive from 1 to 4 p.m. The department is hosting the drive for Hallie Bea Barnard, 10, who was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anemia, at 13 months old. Hallie’s Heroes was created three years ago in an attempt to help save Hallie and the 14,000 other people waiting for matches.

Parting shot

“Tranquilizers only work if you follow the advice on the bottle: Keep away from children.”

— Phyllis Diller, comedian

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