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Denton’s Public Art Committee is looking for a new home for November Devil, that bronze imagining of a dust devil sitting outside the Denton County National Bank Building.

The committee has good reason for considering a move for the David Iles bronze. People sometimes climb on the sculpture or augment the whirling dervish with their own trash. Now, before we all start thinking we can’t have nice things, the sculpture was also installed in the middle of an increasingly busy walkway. We may know soon where the sculpture will be moved.

Big Rig Dance Collective has had a busy summer, with more plans unfolding as yet. Co-director of the company Whitney Geldon traveled to Houston to perform with the Jordan Fuchs Dance Company at the Barnstorm Dance Fest. Fuchs teaches dance at Texas Woman’s University.

Later in July, co-director and TWU graduate Amanda Jackson will go to Oklahoma City to present her commissioned choreography for the Oklahoma Contemporary Dance Festival on July 27-28. Big Rig calls the Dallas-Fort Worth area its home base.

Let’s take a moment to be grateful that after falling off his roof, Denton musician and jack-of-all-trades Nick Norris is on the mend. He was banged up pretty good, and ended up with a dislocated shoulder, but managed to use an emergency whistle to help first responders find him. We can’t think of a Denton without a certain redhead making music with his sister on the downtown Square.

We can’t think of a Denton without a certain redhead making music with his sister on the downtown Square. In fact, on Wednesday morning he played Dan’s Silverleaf’s annual Fourth of July parade after-party — from the comfort of a seat. 

At his recent Denton town hall meeting, U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess took some heat from constituents who railed against the separation of migrant children from their families. Burgess recently went to the border and visited a Health and Human Services shelter for children of families from Mexico and Central America.

“During my visit, I witnessed HHS employees providing professional and excellent care to the children entrusted to their custody,” Burgess said in a statement. “Despite contrary reports, I was pleased to find that the shelter is comfortable, appropriately climate-controlled and clean.”

Burgess said the big attraction for the children was a “well-appointed artificial turf soccer field.”

It’s not the statement that his loudest critics at the town hall asked for, but then maybe they could send a strongly worded letter to the leaders of Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. The congressman said at the town hall that he thought the outrage on the part of Americans was too concentrated on their elected leaders.

Denton rockabilly outfit Rock 'n' Roll Cannibals won the MXD Mag Award for “Best Rockabilly/Punk Band in Texas.” The front man is none other than Tristan Thorndyke, who was featured in last week’s Denton Time for singing the role of young Johnny Cash in Denton Community Theatre’s staging of Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash. The magazine is a project of Maxima Distorzion, an underground record label. The awards show is at 1 p.m. July 21 at T’s Bar & Grill, 1305 S. State Highway 121 in Lewisville.

Denton resident Heidi Klein had a frightening experience at a Dallas Costco on Sunday. Klein and a friend were browsing when shoppers started running and saying a gunman was in the warehouse store. Klein and her friend ducked behind a cart and lay down on the floor to hide. A calm Costco employee quietly directed shoppers out of the building. Klein said she could hear a dull thudding noise. As it turns out, a pair of men robbed the jewelry counter, and they had a gun and a pickax. No one was hurt, but it’s a close call all of us hope to avoid.

Someone tell Julie Glover, the downtown Denton development director, that Pudge Brewer, hip-hop artist from Denton’s Fab Deuce, is pining to have his name on the Arts Walk of Fame.

Denton resident Lori McLain has been in her fair share of cooking contests. On Saturday and Sunday, McLain will do demonstrations for the Food Champ Recipe Club at the Walmart on University Drive, in Rayzor Ranch Marketplace. She’ll share free samples and recipes while she’s at the local store. McLain is a World Food Champ.

Police departments all over Texas have been in a lip-sync battle. The Corinth Police Department got a surprising number of officers to perform to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” We give them an A for being game, but we can’t pretend the men in blue are helping the stereotype about white men dancing.

Denton police and the UNT Police Department got in on the lip-sync action, too.

We reported University of North Texas student Christianna Walker reviving a technique the autism community has been using for decades last year. Walker developed a laminated card that allows people with special needs to document their condition for first responders. Walker, who was assaulted on campus, wasn’t able to communicate when police arrived. Walker has autism and Tourette’s syndrome and is hard of hearing, and created the card for her wallet.

CBS featured Walker in a television news story last week.

Denton High School volleyball player Taylor Thomas participated in the Girls Junior National Championships in Detroit last week. During one of her games, Thomas made a play that landed her at ESPN’s No. 1 play of the day as well as exposure on NBC, CBS, USA Volleyball and MaxPreps. Her kick save caused questions around the world regarding whether a kick is legal. (It is.)

Parting Shot

“Does anyone else get groped by TSA on a semi-regular basis? I’m starting to think I’m too sexy to fly. Seriously, it’s humiliating.”

— Chuck Voellinger, Denton resident and frequent flier

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