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Denton Community Theatre cleaned up in Broadway World Regional Awards for theater. The company won best overall production of a play from the Broadway World Regional Awards for its 2018 production of Calendar Girls. Micha Marie Stevens, who starred in Calendar Girls, picked up the online magazine’s best actress in a play award for her performance as Brook in Denton Community Theatre’s Other Desert Cities. Chance Gibbs won best actor in a play for his performance as Richard in Richard III. Claire Marie Crenshaw took best actress in a musical for her performance as Veronica Sawyer in Heathers: The Musical.

Speaking of noteworthy performances: It would be easy to be overshadowed by Polly Maynard’s layered turn as Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie. And yet McKenna Curtis and Xander Stubbs create some really tender exchanges as the painfully shy Laura Wingfield and the zestfully confident Jim O’Connor. Denton Community Theatre opens the Tennessee Williams drama Friday. (We do wonder, though, if the portrait of the absent patriarch on the set isn’t a little too big.)

Denton resident Jack Highfill shared a morsel of Texas-U.S. history. He recalled when Sam Rayburn regained the speakership of the House of Representatives in the 1950s. “My family was very close to Mr. Sam,” Highfill said. “Mr. Sam was married in the Valley View United Methodist Church. Both of my parents were at Mr. Sam’s wedding as were my grandparents as well as two sets of my great grandparents.” Rayburn had breakfast on the morning of his wedding with Highfill’s great grandparents in Valley View.

WalletHub included a Denton County city on its list of the best cities to find a job in 2019. Plano is ranked No. 7 in the top 10. The website judged cities on opportunities for job growth and average starting salaries. And if Plano isn’t to your liking — we know some Denton folks can be snobbish (“North of Ordinary” ring any bells?) — Scottsdale, Arizona; Orlando, Florida; and Colorado Springs, Colorado are in the top five.

District 26 Congressman Michael Burgess didn’t mention the wall, but he was in agreement with President Trump’s immigration stance after Trump’s televised address.

“This evening, President Trump reiterated what those of us who travel frequently to the southern border already know: Americans cannot keep our country safe without securing the southern border,” Burgess said in a statement. “The previous Administration clearly failed to fix what President Obama dubbed a humanitarian crisis in 2014. Quite simply, Americans cannot allow the southern border to remain a porous channel for gang violence, crime, drugs, and human trafficking. Although House Democrats have decided that the status quo is acceptable, I’m fighting to make American communities safe again.”

Wednesday afternoon, former Mexican ambassador to the US Arturo Sarukhan contradicted Burgess’ intimations in an interview with The World on KERA. The vast majority of drugs come into the U.S. (and the majority of arms move into Mexico) via the interstates and pass through points of entry. But it could be that when Burgess speaks of securing the southern border, he means personnel, technology and procedure, not bricks and mortar. Or cement. Or steel.

Parting Shot

“Fun Denton drinking game: take a shot for every denim jacket you see, two if it’s denim on denim.”

— Twitter user and Denton resident @vyudvu, who is wearing a denim jacket in her profile photo.

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