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EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story misspelled the late Jayson Wortham's name. 

On Tuesday, April 2, Denton City Council member Gerard Hudspeth requested that the Rayzor Ranch Park concept video be posted on social media platforms. Staff have posted the video, and it is receiving great interaction from the community. The video can be seen on the City of Denton Facebook page and the City of Denton Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

The post has already earned some fair questions — With more people moving into Denton, should the city create another space that requires irrigation? — and intriguing ideas, such as creating gardens in tribute to Denton’s sister cities.

The city of Lewisville wants your stories from the 1969 Texas International Pop Festival. The famous local event brought Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Santana, Sly & the Family Stone and other acts to the Labor Day festival just two weeks after Woodstock.

The city is hosting an event at 7 p.m. April 30 for people who attended the festival to view original fan footage and share their memories of the festival on camera.

People who attended the original festival are invited to bring photos, ticket stubs, home movies and other souvenirs.

The event will be at Medical City Lewisville Grand Theatre, 100 N. Charles St. Attendees should RSVP by calling Community Outreach Specialist Kent Boring at 972-219-3740 or by sending an email to

On Wednesday, someone used the Campus Theatre marquee to ask their sweetheart — someone named Michele — to marry them.

No word yet on how Michele answered the question, but the good folks with Thin Line, the documentary film, music and photography festival, offered to give the happy couple an engagement gift if they come forward.

The Visual Arts Society of Texas, a Denton-based group, has an annual high school art competition.

This year, Ryan High School student Claire Cook won Best of Show for an acrylic painting titled “Michael;” Ryan High School student Ashlyn Ries won first place for a watercolor painting titled “Emotional Paralysis;” Ryan High School student Elaine Brank won second place for a colored pencil drawing titled “Failed Test of Temptation;” Braswell High School student Lea Matney won third place for a colored pencil drawing titled “Animateness.”

Denton resident Andrew Austin riffed on Denton’s style when he shared an altered poster for the upcoming Avengers movie. Each of the superheroes has a specific haircut that you can see, Austin said, at East Side. But we say you can see these hairstyles at Oak Street Drafthouse or Harvest House, too.

Friends and family of the late Jayson Wortham will celebrate his life from 8 to 11 p.m. on May 11 at the Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd. in Dallas. Wortham and his widow, Memory, were the first owners of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton and huge supporters of the North Texas music scene. Jayson Wortham died at age 47 after a diagnosis of and treatment for cancer.

How’s this for a truly Denton phenomenon? Bruce Burns, a Denton resident and a board member of Denton Music and Arts Collaborative, came by a log that fell off of a truck carrying firewood at the Dallas Drive/Bell Avenue and Eagle Drive intersection. He got Denton resident and artist Melody Little Smith to paint a figure on the log — which he named Myles Loggin. Smith painted a man (with a Denton-appropriate beard and mustache) sitting with his knees drawn up and bare feet showing.


Myles Loggin is a novel approach to local fundraising. The 170-year-old log was painted to look like a character. Locals are invited to join the Myles Loggin Facebook group, then donated at least $5 to a local nonprofit before moving him from one local business or public space to another. You can track Myles' whereabouts on his Facebook group or his Instagram account.

Burns started a Facebook group for this stumpy character, and explained that Myles will be left at a local business or public spot. When someone finds Myles, they can either leave him alone, or they can 1) join Myles Loggin’s Facebook group 2) donate $5 (or more, of course) to their favorite local nonprofit 3) deliver him to his new location and report it with a photo on the Facebook group page so that Myles’ trackers can find him and take the 170-year-old log to another location and make another donation. As of Wednesday night, 432 people were members of Myles’ Facebook group, found at If you happen upon him, look for a laminated sheet enumerating the rules.

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