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The legendary ‘Heat’ and ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ actor Wes Studi (left) joins Dale Dickey (right) in a quiet, romantic film where two former childhood friends rekindle their connection and embrace life’s simple pleasures. Now playing in select theaters. Opens in Dallas-Fort Worth on Aug. 12.

Set amid the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains, near a gleaming lake on a sparsely populated campsite, Max Walker-Silver’s directorial debut, A Love Song, carries a hopeful, sweet tune of romantic longing. It centers on a woman named Faye (Hell or High Water’s Dale Dickey), who passes the time by listening to the radio in her camper, catching crawdads and reading guides to birds and stars. She’s waiting for someone. 

'A Love Song' Still 1

Wes Studi as Lito in Max Walker-Silverman's directorial debut, 'A Love Song.'

One day, he arrives – Lito (The Last of the Mohicans and Heat’s Wes Studi), a childhood friend who’s not quite an old flame to Faye, but they talk of a kiss attempt from their youth. Their significant others passed away some years ago, and they have arranged to meet up again by this peaceful lake to catch up and make sense of the fog that has clouded their lives in their older ages. 

'A Love Song' Still 2

Dale Dickey as Faye in 'A Love Song.'

'A Love Song' Still 3

Wes Studi, left, and Dale Dickey play a song together in 'A Love Song.'

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