Thin Line

Thin Line Festival founder Joshua Butler introduces the audience to the first night of the festival before a screening of "Well Groomed" on Wednesday in Denton. Thin Line is a free, five-day documentary film, music and photography festival in Denton.

Thin Line, a five-day documentary film, music and photography festival that ended Sunday, gave awards to filmmakers and photographers this weekend:


Best Feature Documentary: This Mountain Life, Grant Baldwin (Canada)

Best Short Documentary: ”There Is Something in the Water,” Rory Waudby-Tolley (England)

Global Awareness Award: Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World, Hans Pool (Netherlands)

Emerging Documentarian Awards: Building the American Dream, Chelsea Hernandez (Texas)

Best Denton Documentary: ”Mack Minded,” TWU

Best Student Documentary: ”At Arm’s Length,” Dana Reilly (Rhode Island)

The Orr Award: Midnight Traveler, Emelie Mahdavian (Idaho)


Featured (Abstract): Brandon Wade, Spiral; honorable mention, Michael Clements, National Cemetery

Featured (Candid): Emily Garthwaite, Iraqi Children Playing; honorable mention, Brad Holt, Floating!!

Nature (Scenic): Chance Kirby, Final Seconds; honorable mention, Nat Chittamai, Sunrise at Reflection Canyon

Nature (Wildlife): Matt Sims, Monkey Family Sleeping; honorable mention, Klaus Mayer, Lion Cub Chasing Zebras

”Walk the Line” photography contest: Christopher Zebo, Rio Grande Sunrise; honorable mention, Charlene Pearson Ferguson, Stairway at San Haven Sanatorium

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