I can certainly understand how a movie like Dora and the Lost City of Gold is not made for everyone.

It seemingly is a title that is targeting a younger crowd. I have a son. I know the drill. However, it’s a tonally confusing movie. At times, it feels like a silly live-action continuation of its televised source material (Dora the Explorer), and other times it’s a bit too immature to exist in the same vacuum. There’s an animated drug trip sequence, a few sex jokes and a nude adult moment in the company of minors.

These elements may seem like no big deal when it’s a story of teens (including an admirably committed Isabela Moner as the titular character) discovering themselves in their growing bodies, but it’s also a children’s movie about finding a lost city of gold. Its ridiculous tonal tug-of-war match should have you scratching your head and rolling your eyes throughout. It’s bad. Like Master of Disguise bad.

PRESTON BARTA is a member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association.

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