Kuumba Media will screen its award-winning "Nollywood" film, Oga Bolajiat Alamo Drafthouse Denton at Alamo Drafthouse Cedars in Dallas at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 31.

Kuumba Media, which is owned by former University of North Texas student Freda Frimpong, is distributing the film to a limited number of cinemas. 

Oga Bolaji is centered around the simple, happy-go-lucky life of a 40-year-old retired musician who still lives with his mother. His life takes a drastic turn when he crosses paths with a young girl.

This unexpected friendship with a little girl could either lead to the worst or best part of his life. The film is directed and produced by 26-year-old Nigerian native Kayode Kasum. The film was recently nominated for multiple awards at the African Film Festival in Dallas in June, after a successful screening at the New York African Film Festival in May.

Alamo Drafthouse Cedars is located at 1005 S. Lamar St. in Dallas. 

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