PolaCon 4 will include photo walks, scavenger hunts and three days of devotion to instant film.

Calling all instant film junkies: PolaCon 4 is coming.

The three-day festival starts noon Sept. 27 and continues through 6 p.m. Sept. 29.

The schedule will be posted online roughly a week before the event at instantfilmsociety.com. But the event, presented by the Instant Film Society, will start in Dallas on Sept. 27 before moving to Denton on Sept. 28-29. The free conference includes 20 workshops, sessions and events.

The yearly panel discussion, “The State of the Emulsion Address,” is on tap, as is the “Zines & Things” swap meet — attendees should bring their photography zines, small prints or other photo-related art to show, share, swap or sell.

There’s an instant film exhibit, pop-up galleries, demonstrations of 8-by-10-inch photos and a photo booth, as well as film and camera-specific walks and meetups. Instant Film Society members from across the country will lead five “PolaWalks,” an exercise in which instant film fans pick up their cameras to walk and snap photos in distinctive, picturesque areas.

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