Texas Poet Laureates Karla K. Morton and Alan Birkelbach recently released a song in honor of the national parks across the country.

The song “Go Around” was co-written with singer-songwriter Lisa Carver. Morton and Birkelbach wrote the lyrics, and Carver wrote the music and provided the vocals. Morton and Birkelbach wrote the song during their quest to visit all 61 U.S. parks. The poets started their tour of national parks in 2016. So far, they have visited 44 national parks and have documented their travels in poetry and photographs for an upcoming book. The book will be published in 2020 and will be sold in national park venues and nearby universities, bookstores and public libraries.

Morton spent years in Denton, and now lives in Fort Worth. She was selected as a state poet laureate while living and writing in Denton. 

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