Minifigs, Bricks, and More, a downtown Denton business that buys, sells and trades new and used Legos, got Denton all stirred up on Tuesday. The owners closed up shop and put a sign on the door explaining that they were spending the day in Oklahoma to support legislators who had proposed a law banning abortion in the state.

The owners didn’t respond to calls from the Denton Record-Chronicle on Tuesday, but the shop’s Facebook post sharing the sign on the door generated more than 800 comments and was shared almost 200 times. As you might imagine, the comments churned with high emotion.

Two guys pulled up to J&J’s Pizza last Saturday afternoon. Casting furtive glances around, the pair began cleaning trash out of their car. Instead of throwing the trash into one of the bins dotting the sidewalks around the Square, they hurriedly piled their trash on the outdoor tables reserved for J&J’s customers. Then the two got back in their car and drove off. So kudos to the staff at J&J’s, who had to clean up after a pair who didn’t tip the help for doing their dirty work.

Katrina Cain, a former Denton resident with a velvet voice, is getting ready to drop a new single on Feb. 28. “Forgive Me in the Morning” is a layered track with Cain’s easy voice treated with a light affect and tight harmonies. It also sports a beat reminiscent of Babyface‘s 1990s-era “When Can I See You. It’s poppy and approachable. Cain cut a pretty good path on the NBC reality television talent show The Voice, but didn’t let her loss keep her from making more music. She wrote the song and her husband, Andrew McMillan, produced it. Cain lives in Los Angeles.

Donors raised more than $40,000 for 17-year-old Jake Dollar, who lives in Little Elm. Dollar was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018. He got good news not even a month ago, and was cleared to go back to school. In two weeks, though, his cancer was back. He’s eligible for CAR T-cell therapy, but the treatment isn’t covered by his family’s insurance. The donations are part of of GoFundMe drive to help the family afford the therapy. The fundraising goal is sort of heart-stopping: half a million dollars. For details, visit the GoFundMe at

Denton’s convention center just got an accolade: the Southwest Showcase’s 2020 Most Exciting Meeting Destination Change Award. Southwest Showcase is a consulting business that links planners to suppliers. The business gave the award to the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center, noting that it was constructed with energy conservation and environmental design in mind and is the only Embassy Suites in Texas to earn a four-diamond rating from AAA.

The Texas Historical Commission‘s recent Real Places 2020 conference brought together hundreds of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving Texas’ historic places and the stories they tell. The University of North Texas Libraries picked up one of nine awards given during the conference.

The commission gave the UNT Libraries the Award of Excellence in Preserving History for the Texas Borderlands Newspaper Collection, part of the Portal to Texas History. The collection spans from 1859 to 1997 and represents nearly 83,000 pages of historic newspapers, detailing lives of the pioneers who settled in rural areas along the Texas border.

The Denton Animal Support Foundation announced its new executive director last Friday. Kiara Hunter is well known in the arts community, lending time and talent to local music festivals and Friends With Benefits, a nonprofit that raises money for other local nonprofits. DASF is all about saving animals — especially abandoned pets and strays — and we know Hunter will bring considerable organizational skills and lots of energy to the foundation.

Parting Shot

“We know what the surface of the sun looks like, but we can’t count the votes of 170,000 people in Iowa?”

— Trevor Noah, comedian and host of The Daily Show

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