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Author Stephen King smiles as he participates in a panel at Comic Con, Saturday Feb. 24, 2007 in New York. 

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will celebrate Stephen King this summer with a curated selection of cult and classic adaptations.

The cinema franchise christened the series its “King-Size Summer.”

The series starts in July and ends with the release of It: Chapter Two in September.

The month of Terror Tuesday programming includes an Alamo Drafthouse-wide re-release of Creepshow, Maximum Overdrive, The Running Man and Stand By Me.

“We’re crazy with anticipation for It: Chapter Two, so to ease the wait, we’re revisiting some of our favorite Stephen King adaptations,” said Sarah Pitre, senior director of programming and promotions. “These screenings will provide a chilling countdown to the final chapter of one of his most beloved works of fiction. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to build up our fear tolerance before we’re scared out of our minds by It: Chapter Two!”

From terrifying classics (Carrie) to anthologies (Creepshow), coming-of-age dramas (Stand By Me) and sci-fi dystopias (The Running Man), King adaptations have captivated audiences for decades.

“Stephen King loves genre movies as much as we do,” said Joe Ziemba, director of genre programming. “From gushing about horror in the nonfiction book Danse Macabre to directing Maximum Overdrive, King’s passion for film is infectious. That feeling is represented in every movie that we’ve chosen in this celebration of his cinematic legacy.”

The following titles will screen at all Drafthouse locations (check the Denton location’s website for dates and times for Terror Tuesdays at

  • Creepshow — The 1980s horror anthology to end all seminal 1980s horror anthologies, Creepshow is a pop-art splatterfest that’s oozing with elderly zombies, bad dads, furry beasties, disco dance-offs, cockroach war zones, and King turning into a plant.
  • Maximum Overdrive — A savage glimpse into the horror maestro’s deepest id and weirdest whims. King directs and acts in this title. Goofball humor meets our fears that the machines will take over.
  • The Running Man — Based on a novella by King (as Richard Bachman), this violent and funny 1980s sci-fi action romp looks at crime and punishment as a public game show of sorts.
  • Stand By Me — Rob Reiner adapted King’s novella in 1986 to tell a story about a group of friends coping with the death of a friend.

The remaining films screen outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dates for the screenings have not been announced.

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