UNT engineering students built a cubesat to compete in the third annual CASMART Student Design Challenge. The team includes, from left, Dr. Robert Wheeler, Jordan Barnes, Michael Ayers, Kelsa Adams, Robert Boone and David Evers.

A group of University of North Texas engineering students beat out teams from nine other universities to win CASMART's third Student Design Challenge in Germany. 

The Consortium for the Advancement of Shape Memory Alloy Research and Technology's competition had teams of students create new technologies using shape memory alloy, a combination of metals that alter shapes in response to temperature changes. 

The UNT students — Brittany Thurstin, Kelsa Adams, Jordan Barnes, Robert Boone and David Evers — created an energy-efficient system to control solar panels on CubeSats, which are small cube satellites. 

The students hope the research can be applied to industries such as aeronautics and automotive research.

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