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Over at least the past three decades, Lucky the Squirrel has become a legend for the University of North Texas in much the same way Lassie was… Read more

Higher minimum pay, reduced costs and another year without tuition increases are some of the things to look forward to at the University of North Texas in the coming fall semester. Read more

The University of North Texas spent at least $691,095 to bring 14 different speakers to its Kuehne Speaker Series over the past seven years.

Speakers have included business magnates, Fox News personalities, military officers, authors, celebrity lawyers and members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle. Read more

The University of North Texas Food Pantry assembled holiday meal care packages on Friday for UNT students who may be experiencing food insecur… Read more

Disability rights activist Val Vera turns the tables on inclusion advocacy. He’s the founder of the Disability Inclusion Society which seeks to develop change within the community through culture and identity rather than settling for placation in politics. Read more

There is no shortage of places most locals can head to get some form of test for the COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Read more