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A picture that appeared to show a Ryan High School student squaring up to fight Associate Principal Adrian Eaglin took off across social media Thursday.

Two spokespeople for Denton ISD said that wasn’t the case at all.

Julie Zwahr and Derrick Jackson, reached for comment late Thursday afternoon, said the picture captured a “non-event” at a moment to make it look otherwise.

Zwahr said the picture shows “a kid is walking by grabbing his earbuds.”

Principal Vernon Reeves, in a statement sent out Thursday, also said the photo did not show a confrontation.

“The photo of a Ryan High School student draped in clothing that promotes a political affiliation also appears as if a student may be attempting to engage physically with one of our staff members,” Reeves wrote. “This was not the case and has been misrepresented.”

In the picture, which was shared via a private Instagram account, a student wearing a full-sized Trump flag as a cape has fists raised as if to fight a masked adult. Social media captions claim the man, who appears calm with his hands in his pockets, is Associate Principal Eaglin, which Zwahr and Jackson confirmed.

Reeves’ letter did not explain what was happening, and he did not immediately respond to a Denton Record-Chronicle request for comment Thursday afternoon.

He did state that “at no time was anyone in danger this morning,” and that any potential disciplinary action would be confidential between the student, their family and district officials.

Zwahr and Jackson said it took district officials some time to figure out why social media kicked up such a furor over the picture because nothing untoward actually took place.

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